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Blog Block and off to the Gym

Funny how easy it is to fall into a loss for words when I sit down to write. I wanted to start a blog for a long time.


I started keeping a diary when I left home at 18 after a fight with my mother. I kept a diary almost continuously through most of my first marriage, likely stopping due to extreme boredom, then picking up again when I left him.

I continued writing again until some point in my now ended second marriage as well. Not due to boredom but another sort of nothingness. Not that any of what I wrote was ever meant for anyone’s eyes but my own. In that situation, the words flowed.


Now with the possibility of my words being read by others, I am stumbling to get started. Oh, there it goes. A train of thought.


I recently joined a gym, after a long stretch of not going for much too long. One of the big reasons for ending my gym membership after over 10 years of active use was I moved.


We moved, Mitch my husband and I to a new apartment further south than I had ever lived before in Chicago.


I had been born in Logan Square and apart from a few years in Wisconsin, a couple in Humboldt Park and a couple along the lakefront, I was a girl from the Northwest side.


Now being in West Town which encompasses a number of near west neighborhoods.


One being East Humboldt Park which is technically where we live and work. But across the street from our store is Ukrainian Village. After 10 years here, I am adjusting.


Oops, I am wandering here. The gym thing. Well, moving to this side of town resulted in having to change gyms.


Our gym had a location in our area BUT the traffic to get to and from it was brutal.


30 minutes of hell to and from. Lousy parking and a packed workspace. That got old and compiled with another health issue I gave it up.


Yes, I gained weight, too much and lost muscle tone, I am a mess. BUT, I am finally ready to give it another go.


The gym I found, thanks to my hubby Mitch seeing it, is located in the opposite direction as the traffic and public density taking only about 7 minutes to drive there and there is ample parking.


So I am signed up, have gone for two weeks now, just twice a week to get on the wagon again and am feeling so good about my choice.


This is Blast Fitness on Division and just off Grand. The place is huge, somewhat run-down, but they have oodles of the machines I want, lockers, showers, a women’s workout area. All for $8.88 a month intro price for a year plus $49.00 initiation fee. I can do that.


So the stumbling connection. The first week I was back at the gym I was clumsy with the equipment, handling them for the first time in years, my first workouts made me feel a bit dim.


Then the second week I handled the machines with better form and had a couple of decent workouts. My spirit is coming back and I am looking forward to my workout tomorrow.




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