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I wanted a Blog, now what?

So many times I have said to myself, I wish I had somewhere to show the wonderful things I find in my travels. Or share pictures of my collections.

Or transcribe the 100’s of letters my mother and father wrote to each other back in the 60’s. Then there are the recipes I love….. I have so much inside me to say. It will come.

Thank you to my husband Mitch for getting me off the ground and moving.

I love you.


Catherine Tobsing, owner Windy City Parrot and Bargain Hunter Nothing quite gets my heart pumping like a good Rummage Sale. The thrill of the hunt gets me twitching until I find that first deal. Then I can relax and cruise. Compliment me on my outfit, I will tell you how little I paid for each item. I have no shame in wearing thrifted clothing or live with used furnishings. My home is a showcase of a lifetime of dumpster diving and alley picking and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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