Ikea shelving 6

One of the reasons I decided to start my Blog was to gloat about some great thrift shops buys.

This weekend I found some yummy things again. At Revived I found a like new leather jacket from Wilson Leather. Complete with zip out quilted vest lining. $18 after my 10% Senior Discount. Hot damn. Okay, it mashed my boobs a bit, but when/if I lose 10 pounds it will fit perfectly.

I only purchased 3 items there but was thrilled with them all. The other two things were only $1 each as they were the tag color of the day for the best price. One was a pretty long pink floral dress in an XS that I bought just for the fabric. I was thinking of making a simple summer dress or even a long skirt out of it. However after looking up the label online I find it to be a Luluroe Ana dress that retails for $60. I may put it out on a local swap group and see if I can get $20 for it. That would cover all my purchases today at Revived.

The other item I bought was a cute handkerchief hem summer dress in a Medium that fit my XL self just fine. I have found that I must also check the smaller sizes in the dresses as often there will be a Free Size or something that can fit me. Just two weeks ago I found a really beautiful smocked top pink cotton dress in a smaller size that has become a favorite already.

On the way home today from camp we stopped at a Goodwill and we spent twenty dollars. 4 matching rocks glasses for Mitch (he loses or breaks them) at 49 cents each. I found a pair of pajama bottoms by Nick & Nora with cooking sock monkeys on them, LOL. Fit perfectly and so comfy. I also bought a beautiful embroidered blue cotton made in India skirt. Okay, it is a medium and won’t fit right now, but I am thinking of putting an elastic waist or draw string in it. It is in the closet sewing box now. Mitch scored with a couple long sleeved shirts that he likes.

So, we are happy with this weeks treasures.