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What You Don’t Know About eBay SEO

To the point, the video (below)

How to Optimize Listings and SEO Perfectly 

discussion centered on keywords in eBay product listing titles.

Catherine mentioned this morning that a listing for a remote-controlled toy had the acronym R/C in the title and she changed it from R/C (with a slash) to RC ( no /)

She went on to relate that after removing the slash, and doing another (eBay) search for the same item, many more similar items came up.

Then I chanced upon this fresh ListPerfectly video.

After watching ListPerfectly’s YouTube video “How to Optimize Listings and SEO Perfectly” I saw there were pieces missing from the panel’s eBay SEO dialog.

An SEO presentation without data lacks efficacy.

Full transparency.

 Catherine, I have been selling on our own website WindyCityParrot.com for over 20 years (annual revenue – 6 figures)

We currently operate 7 social stores/accounts an eComm website and a retail store – more about this in a minute.

eBay damaged our seventeen-year-old store beyond repair in March and we now operate 2 Fresh eBay stores both launched sometime in March of 2022 which led to combined revenue of $5000 in June/2022 – let that be a lesson on building financial models on rented ground.

 I am Google certified for Search, Adwords and many other platforms.

I rebuilt our core website 8 times in 20 years and recently redeployed all 4000 pages in January this year.

To further break down Catherine’s discussion, she rightfully noted that the first of 4 high-end Toy listings I wrote was deficient in description content

We add 200 to 500 words of content to every listing (website & social) so any potential buyer can learn something about the product –  in the one listing she referred to, I circled back and included screenshots as well as “screen scrapes” of the owner’s manual.

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 The point is not to rely solely on the eBay item listing title as there are many many other factors to consider.

eBay has emphasized video – yet I heard no discussion of video in the video.

 I know for my conventional websites I provide video site maps for Google so there is no guesswork by the search giant.

We can’t provide video sitemaps to eBay but we can easily provide video.

Our product videos are usually shot POV (Point Of View) on a tripod,  leaving the camera (we use our smartphones) operators hands-free for a demo so what we get is a video that looks like this clearly explaining “flaws”

No Surprises = No Returns

If you are not employing a video in your listings you are leaving money on the table.

Be aware that eBay individual video approval can take upwards of a week.

One more point about our ubiquitous web presence – given the number of platforms we are on, we have roughly 4000 live listings across the web (thank you ListPerfectly).

When we reopened her (new) RedHeadedCatBirds eBay store we immediately added a few hundred listings to the NEW STORE

I sell gun parts, she sells toys, children’s games, and clothing.

A rifle barrel image next to a child’s toy was a bad optic so we opened SuperEZGunParts and added a few listings to the NEW STORE.

Let’s talk NEW STORES.

We have 2 Indiana corporations – 3 bank accounts and 3 PayPal accounts and yet it took no less than 4 hours and a dozen (literally) interactions with eBay’s miserable support department to get the store open (yes we only do stores on eBay).

The point is eBay doesn’t trust you! Don’t take it personally they don’t trust anyone.

Powered by TinyTake Screen Capture

The more trust and inventory you build – the more traffic eBay will send you.

The numbers above come from listing and handling customer service on a timely basis which is the core of eBay SEO.

A seller with 5000, poorly written eBay titles will sell much more proportionately than a seller with12 items that have perfect titles written by an AI robot – that’s how eBay works

We operate under a single social selling mantra “Mo listings”

Your zygodactyl footnote 

All our listings get promoted and are persistent until sold.

Why would you not spend a nickel on the dollar to get in front of an additional gazillion people?

Written by Mitch Rezman
Approved by Catherine Tobsing

DYK – Another use of video in listings is gun barrel bore scoping – especially when you are asking big $$$

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