Why Pick Up In-store Isn’t Such A Great Idea

It seems that almost every big box store and many small retailers think that ordering online picking up in-store are great money-saving and time-saving ideas.


The process will certainly save you money on shipping but as for time-saving I’m convinced with rare exceptions, it’s a pretty poor plan especially when shopping at big-box stores.


My most recent purchase was a commercial shower I found online which I ordered after successfully searching for a 20% off coupon.



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Why Is Getting Pain-free In Indiana So Painful?
28028298 - painful joints human anatomy concept with the body as a group of circular panels of sore areas as a pain and injury or arthritis illness symbol for health care and medical symptoms due to aging or sports and work injury

Why Is Getting Pain-free In Indiana So Painful?

I’m a fairly active guy and was a 3 to 4 day per week gym rat for over two decades.


For my 50th birthday (my second date with Catherine btw), I bought myself a three-year membership at Bally’s for $54 a month.


I’m 67 at the time of this writing┬á


At some point spending 90 minutes for a 45-minute workout because you have to commute to the gym and possibly change clothing (which I stopped doing to save time) that in Chicago traffic was 20 – 25 minutes both directions.


In the late 90s, I did marathon bicycling for about six years riding 1000 to 3000 miles a season.


Point is I’m in tune with my body and respect it.



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Onboarding Indiana Ch 3 – Work From Home Has New Meaning

Interesting to note is that when you run an Internet company, it will work from anywhere.


There are a host of reasons that we made this move aside from saving money on rent, utilities & taxes.


We are now poised to take on the World Wide Web in the pet bird supplies category from a historical landmark home built in 1928.


Ironically it suffered a fire about 12 years ago thus the entire interior was rebuilt with modern drywall, electrical and plumbing into a beautiful commercial space (zoned B2).


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Why Did Two 10 Minute Cataract Surgeries Take 7 Weeks

My review of Williams Eye Institute in Merrillville, IN


Let’s start with the basics:


Levels of Vision

20/20 – Normal vision. Fighter pilot minimum. Required to read the stock quotes in the newspaper, or numbers in the telephone book (if you can still find one).

  • 20/40 – Able to pass Driver’s License Test in all 50 States. Most printed material is at this level.
  • 20/80 – Able to read alarm clock at 10 feet. News Headlines are this size.
  • 20/200 – Legal blindness. Able to see STOP sign letters.

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In March 2018 I visited Envision Eye Care at the Costco located on Clybourn Avenue in Chicago.


It was determined that I had astigmatism in my right eye.


I could get corrective lenses in the form of contacts or glasses.


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Lowell Indiana’s 100th Labor Day Parade 2019 – Video And Images

We attended our first Lowell Indiana Labor Day parade from our front porch on the parade route.

This was Lowell Indiana’s 100th Labor Day parade in 2019.

Our high ground position was optimal for capturing images and video.

You can write of the “Memorial Day” guffaw in the first part of the video to getting up at 8 AM (they closed Route 2 at 9 AM after celebrating the entire Labor Day weekend).


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Tracking Treasures And Reaping Bargains for the Week Of July 29th 2019 In Lowell Indiana

Okay, I love going to Garage Sales, Yard Sales, Rummage Sales.


I was born into it, I remember my mother and me at a local church rummage sale, her moving along the tables piled high with clothes and things, her pushing with her knee along with a cardboard box under the table with me at her other knee.


As I grew up and we moved from Wisconsin to Chicago our range of places to hunt for things at below retail grew.


I recall one place where the clothes were huge piles, but I still managed to find an old cashmere sweater for 50 cents that likely cemented my desire for great stuff cheap.


As I look around my home I can see that the majority of my furnishing, decorations, pictures, artwork, lamps, etc all came from thrifting.


Mitch, my husband has embraced my form of shopping and now just tells me when he feels we need something for the household instead of just running out and buying new.


My new list has on it, a small table or cabinet to raise up the small cube fridge (bought for $20, retail $100) we use in our upstairs bedroom for the middle of the night water or sparkling water trips saving us a groggy trip downstairs.


I also need some espresso cups for our new coffee station.


They will come, I will be patient.


This past week I went to a local church rummage sale and had a grand old time picking through the treasures.


These are just a few of my finds.


This 3 D wall art was perfect to add to the wall beside a shelf that I have a number of little birdhouses on display, it was $2.00 and over a foot tall.


Wall sconce bird cage frame


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