Onboarding Indiana Ch 3 – Work From Home Has New Meaning

Interesting to note is that when you run an Internet company, it will work from anywhere.


There are a host of reasons that we made this move aside from saving money on rent, utilities & taxes.


We are now poised to take on the World Wide Web in the pet bird supplies category from a historical landmark home built in 1928.


Ironically it suffered a fire about 12 years ago thus the entire interior was rebuilt with modern drywall, electrical and plumbing into a beautiful commercial space (zoned B2).


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Onboarding Indiana, Chapter 1 Seeking Flex Space

We recently moved our residence and separate brick and mortar business into a single structure from Chicago (pop 3.6 M) to Lowell IN (pop 9700).


There were 5 stoplight cameras on Western Ave between our Walton St. apartment and our avian vet, Animal House of Chicago.


There are 5 stoplights in the whole town of Lowell Indiana.


The blog post “Onboarding Indiana” has the first draft of almost 5,000 words.



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