Hats on the Bed and other Superstitions

I am not superstitious. Not a bit. I don’t even say “Bless You” when someone sneezes. I ignore the action just as a polite person should when someone coughs or a bodily function is made audible. And when I myself do, I say “Excuse Me”, just as if I belched, farted or made some other odd noise that may have disturbed someone. But I don’t believe my soul has left my body when I sneezed, not even for a moment.


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New Shoes? Nope, Used Shoes!

This past weekend I was out on my weekly hunt for treasures and before I could make it to my planned destination, I blew my budget at my favorite consignment shop on shoes.


Now that doesn’t happen often. Having size 9 1/2 wide feet has been a curse most of my life. I have vague memories of having an 8 1/2 wide size but that quickly blew up into 9 then 9 1/2, even 10 and once 11 during a growth spurt, that thankfully I walked right out of them (pun intended) as those shiny orange boats, stayed on the floor.


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