New Shoes? Nope, Used Shoes!

This past weekend I was out on my weekly hunt for treasures and before I could make it to my planned destination, I blew my budget at my favorite consignment shop on shoes.


Now that doesn’t happen often. Having size 9 1/2 wide feet has been a curse most of my life. I have vague memories of having an 8 1/2 wide size but that quickly blew up into 9 then 9 1/2, even 10 and once 11 during a growth spurt, that thankfully I walked right out of them (pun intended) as those shiny orange boats, stayed on the floor.


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Tracking Treasures And Reaping Bargains for the Week Of July 29th 2019 In Lowell Indiana

Okay, I love going to Garage Sales, Yard Sales, Rummage Sales.


I was born into it, I remember my mother and me at a local church rummage sale, her moving along the tables piled high with clothes and things, her pushing with her knee along with a cardboard box under the table with me at her other knee.


As I grew up and we moved from Wisconsin to Chicago our range of places to hunt for things at below retail grew.


I recall one place where the clothes were huge piles, but I still managed to find an old cashmere sweater for 50 cents that likely cemented my desire for great stuff cheap.


As I look around my home I can see that the majority of my furnishing, decorations, pictures, artwork, lamps, etc all came from thrifting.


Mitch, my husband has embraced my form of shopping and now just tells me when he feels we need something for the household instead of just running out and buying new.


My new list has on it, a small table or cabinet to raise up the small cube fridge (bought for $20, retail $100) we use in our upstairs bedroom for the middle of the night water or sparkling water trips saving us a groggy trip downstairs.


I also need some espresso cups for our new coffee station.


They will come, I will be patient.


This past week I went to a local church rummage sale and had a grand old time picking through the treasures.


These are just a few of my finds.


This 3 D wall art was perfect to add to the wall beside a shelf that I have a number of little birdhouses on display, it was $2.00 and over a foot tall.


Wall sconce bird cage frame


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Onboarding Indiana Ch 2 – The Devils In The Details

How do you start the journey of this magnitude (for us)?


By taking the first step.


When you think about it so many things in life require a strategy.


Not everyone thinks like this but it’s true.




You think you found “the one” who will be your significant other.



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The Pains Of RV Toilets, White Water And Blackwater

We have a permanently parked 25-foot travel trailer built-in 1979 at a private campground in Indiana.


We added a 3-foot deep “stick” bump-out (two by fours and plaster) while replacing the tiny RV entryway with a 6-foot sliding glass door.


At some point, I lopped off the trailer hitch (ergo permanently parked) which made room in the adjacent shed for a 5 foot counter with stainless sink while having a conventional propane range and refrigerator.


Whether you are a survivalist or not, you probably know that there are three things humans need to survive.

  1. Ability to control our body’s temperature (Clothing)
  2. Water (it’s hard to live without water for more than 2 days)
  3. Food


Having an RV that we spend two or three days at a time in (we have high-speed Internet so we are always tuned in to our customers), running water is essential.



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Onboarding Indiana, Chapter 1 Seeking Flex Space

We recently moved our residence and separate brick and mortar business into a single structure from Chicago (pop 3.6 M) to Lowell IN (pop 9700).


There were 5 stoplight cameras on Western Ave between our Walton St. apartment and our avian vet, Animal House of Chicago.


There are 5 stoplights in the whole town of Lowell Indiana.


The blog post “Onboarding Indiana” has the first draft of almost 5,000 words.



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