Onboarding Indiana Ch 3 – Work From Home Has New Meaning

Interesting to note is that when you run an Internet company, it will work from anywhere.


There are a host of reasons that we made this move aside from saving money on rent, utilities & taxes.


We are now poised to take on the World Wide Web in the pet bird supplies category from a historical landmark home built in 1928.


Ironically it suffered a fire about 12 years ago thus the entire interior was rebuilt with modern drywall, electrical and plumbing into a beautiful commercial space (zoned B2).


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Lowell Indiana’s 100th Labor Day Parade 2019 – Video And Images

We attended our first Lowell Indiana Labor Day parade from our front porch on the parade route.

This was Lowell Indiana’s 100th Labor Day parade in 2019.

Our high ground position was optimal for capturing images and video.

You can write of the “Memorial Day” guffaw in the first part of the video to getting up at 8 AM (they closed Route 2 at 9 AM after celebrating the entire Labor Day weekend).


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